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HNA/HNB Ordinary General Meeting 2 May 2005

Hafslund ASA held an annual meeting Monday 2 May 2005 at the company's premises in Drammensveien 144, Oslo.


106,388,429 A shares were represented (91.14%) carrying voting rights and 69,028,768 were B shares (89.85%)


Hafslund ASA's annual accounts were presented and unanimously approved by the general meeting. The general meeting resolved that dividend corresponding to the Boards proposal of NOK 1,25 per share would be paid for 2004.


Upon proposition by the board of directors, the general meeting resolved to prolong the authority given the board of directors on the General Meeting on 3 May 2004 to acquire own B shares. The maximum nominal value of shares, which may be acquired in accordance with such authority, is NOK 19,522,344, corresponding to 10% of the company's share capital.


The general meeting re-elected Ellen Christine Christiansen, Stig Grimsgaard Andersen and Mikael Lilius as board members for the period until the ordinary general meeting in 2007.


The Boards remuneration was unanimously approved as proposed.


Kjell O. Viland was elected as member of the Nomination Committee until the ordinary general meeting in 2007.


Oslo, 3 May 2005

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