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At a meeting of the Supervisory Board on 17 June 2009, Vital Forsikring ASA re-elected the following members of the Board of Directors: Cathrine Klouman, Lars Rosén and Siri Pettersen Strandenes. Kari Olrud Moen, Oddmunn Olsen and Rune Selmar were elected new board members.

Bertil Einvik was elected as a new deputy by the employees.

The term of office is up to two years.

Bjørn Erik Næss was elected vice-chairman for a period of up to one year.

The Board of Directors now consists of the following members:

Rune Bjerke, Oslo
Vibeke Holsen, Bergen (employee)
Cathrine Klouman, Stabekk
Jørn O. Kvilhaug, Hokksund (employee)
Kari Olrud Moen, Oslo
Bjørn Erik Næss, Oslo
Oddmunn Olsen, Trondheim
Tove Pettersen, Oslo
Lars Rosén, Sweden
Rune Selmar, Oppegård
Siri Pettersen Strandenes, Bergen

and the following deputies elected by the employees:

Bertil Einvik, Trondheim
Tone Gamlemshaug, Bergen
Carl A. Løvvik, Bergen

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