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Information from Carnegie’s nomination committee

The nomination committee has today been informed that Lars Bertmar, chairman of D. Carnegie & Co AB, will not be available for re-election by the Annual General Meeting to be held on 23 March 2006. Lars Bertmar was CEO of Carnegie 1990-2003 and after that he has been Chairman of the Board.

The nomination committee has also been informed that Thor Bjorgolfsson, representing Carnegie’s main shareholder Landsbanki Islands, will not be available for re-election by the Annual General Meeting 2006.

Further, Henrik Didner, representing Didner & Gerge Fonder AB, has today announced his resignation from the nomination committee. The nomination committee for the AGM in 2006 thus consists of:

Kjartan Gunnarsson, vice chairman Landsbanki, chairman, e-mail:
Mats Lagerqvist, Robur, member, e-mail:
Mikael Nordberg, Danske Capital, member, e-mail:
Lars Bertmar, Chairman of the Board of D. Carnegie & Co AB, member, e-mail:

The presentation of the committee’s proposal is scheduled for the 9 February, 2006.

For further information, please contact Kjartan Gunnarsson, chairman of the nomination committee, +354 893 7079, or Birgitta Henriksson, IR, +46 8 676 86 39.

Carnegie is an independent Nordic investment bank operating in Securities, Investment Banking, Asset Management and Private Banking. Carnegie provides a wide array of financial products and services to Nordic and international clients from offices in eight countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the UK and the US.

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