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Drs. Bill and Ginger Bercaw - Six Steps to Lasting Intimacy - New Book

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Drs. Bill & Ginger Bercaw’s From the Living Room to the Bedroom: Six Steps to Lasting Intimacy and Sexual Abundance provides couples with real, viable solutions to rebuilding their relationships both in the living room and the bedroom.  Through simple steps that are forgotten as work, children, and time interfere with our relationships; Drs. Bercaw and Bercaw help us to define a new sexual landscape through a treatment model called “Sexual Abundance Therapy” that has allowed hundreds of couples to make lasting improvements with regard to sexual intimacy.
The program design utilizes a solid foundation of emotional intimacy upon which it layers abundant sexual intimacy, the result of their “many years spent studying relationships and sexuality and working first-hand with couples who were committed to improving their partnerships.”  They highlight that sexual intimacy is an “essential source of bonding” in relationships and that ignoring it or failing to give it the full attention that it deserves is detrimental to primary relationships.  The three components of sexual abundance are: establishing mutual commitment, embracing self worth, communicating sexual realities while practicing functional boundaries; “When erotic experiences are paired with deep emotional connection, the result is what we call ‘Sexual Abundance.’  In other words, a warm connection in the Living Room makes for a warm connection in the Bedroom.”
The authors suggest evaluating what it is like being in a relationship with yourself, turning the criticism that you usually reserve for your partner and discovering how you contribute to the problems in your relationship.  They suggest other steps to building the foundation of the “living room relationship” before moving on to the “bedroom relationship” that include remembering what is liked about one’s partner and evaluating aspects of the relationship that one would like to keep, get rid of, and introduce.
Through a series of “planned intimate experiences,” readers are taught how to rebuild their intimate relationships, which are often lost over time. After assessing the sexual self by evaluating sexual attitudes and history, using a rating scale of sensual and sexual activities, one can begin developing intimacy through such activities as caressing, gazing into each other’s eyes, developing self-awareness and sharing it with one’s partner, bathing together, and playing “bedroom soccer,” which involves exploring your partner’s body with any part of your body except your hands.
Drs. Bill and Ginger Bercaw help readers to commit to improving their intimate relationships through their primary relationship and vice versa, changing the lives of couples both in and out of the bedroom.  Their steps to intimacy are all founded in solid advice and are steps that couples can easily take to revolutionize their relationships.  From the Living Room to the Bedroom is a life-changing and relationship-changing work that will help readers to find the intimacy and happiness in their relationships that they deserve, rather than accepting unfulfilling relationships.

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